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Special guest professionals from all genres will attend one of the seminar days on several occasions, and there will be special appearances by professional working writers on "one day only" sessions as well. Tickets for these events will be well-advertised in advance with the varying, but always low-cost fees. These events may or may not be held at special venues, depending on the response. TBA


A package for submission to publishers for $150 total

I will critique one single page fiction synopsis  (including three revisions) 

A Query letter and the first three chapters of your book (no more than 60 pages)

Some writers charge as much as $600 for this service.

Consider the bargain before you waste your postage.


I will critique your book when you think it is ready to submit to a publisher.  For $850 total, i will annotate your work page by page with professional feedback, a thorough in-depth analysis, coach, and inspire you to be your very best at clarity, cohesion, structure, POV, voice, diaglogue, tension, setting, character devlopment, pacing, scene (action), sentence variety, and more. I will speak to you in persona at my retreat, by phone or online as often as you like when contracted for the job,  I will make your book's wide distribution my priority until it finds its place in the bookstores whether it takes a month or more.


Four minutes from beautiful Lake Gregory


$400. For any complete 4 day seminar

Day seminar: $100 (6 hours)

Master classes and Private instruction/editing/critique $45 an hour

Daily desk for solitary writing time: $15 an hour

All payment in advance with application including a brief bio 

Since we are in the San Bernardino National Forest, on the upside of a mountain, walking and stairs will require solid shoes, and cars will require chains in the winter months. 

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