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Joan Eyles Johnson, A.A. Foothill/DeAnza College (Radio, TV and Film) B.A San Jose State U.. (English with a minor in Art History,) M.A. San Jose State U.(English) also M.A. (Theater Arts,) proprietor of Dorothy's Home *Founder of Summit Seminars/Writing Retreats has taught in California colleges and universities for over 40 years and has a long list of successful former students who have gone on to become professional and successful writers and who will testify to her ability to inspire, support and assist writers who need that extra boost, push or shove into going to the finish line despite writer's' block, procrastination, compulsive editing, or life-interruptions. With a broad background of writing classes, famous teachers and mentors, and taking continuing classes on her own, Johnson has never stopped studying the methods and materials of the writing life. She has completed over 40 plays that have all been produced either fully or in staged readings, off-Broadway and on NPR, and a book of 56 short stories, half of which have been published in journals of  literary merit and in the popular horror magazine sold at Comic Con, and her poems have been published internationally since her college days. She has found publishers for many colleagues and students. ​ She won the 2016 Ernest Hemingway Prize for short fiction, judged by David Galef "a serious literary scholar and a writer of fiction, as demonstrated by both his book-length works and his ever-growing number of published articles, reviews, and short stories."  published in Fiction Southeast Journal with an added audio version.You can read other recently published flash fiction stories online in Foliate Oak Journal (Feb."A Pigeon's Life") and The Raven's Perch: poems and short story: "whispering") A new poem, "Grief" is in the online journal The Orchards, et al....

Whether you are an established writer or just wondering if you have any talent, Joan Johnson, a former creative writing instructor in the MFA program at Mount St.Mary's University, will help you organize your ideas and. hopefully. realize your dream of being a published author. If you are already a published author and wish a private consultation and Master Class, please call or write with your request for a one on one hour, day, or weekend.

FYI addendum:

The catering during your weekend will be expertly managed by the proprietor who has worked as a personal chef (Sisters of Social Service) and pastry cook (Cafe de Paris in West Hollywood), She is a Master Gardener (UC Berkeley) and also worked as a Travel agent with Wilson's Travel (Beverly Hills). Now, devoting the "remains of the day" to her own writing full-time, she has opened her home to others in the  pursuit of a  quiet, clean well-lighted place in which to write without interruption. Cook, gardener, and travel agent, Joan Johnson is your resource for more than writing mentorship.

All of our landscape design, garden development and full-time

Household maintenance (inside and out): The (beautiful) Hernandez Family: Arturo, Linda, and Alma

to whom we are ever grateful!

And, lest we forget, Daisy Buchanan, the bear dog stands guard against outside intrusions at all times and loves to see people writing


Pleas send applications to Summit Seminars P.O.Box 36 Crestline, CA 92325

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